Debi Chestnut

Angel or Demon? You decide. 

Over the years, Linda and I always thought this may have been an angel in front of the Hatheway house.  Many people have thought the same thing.  

However, given the frightening paranormal events that so many people have experienced in that house, it may be time to take a second look.  

​Photo courtesty of Linda Sparkman.

Is this one of the Hatheways watching over the house or something far more sinister?

I can't explain this picture. No one was smoking, and it was a clear night.  

Some people believe there is more than one spirit in this photograph.  They may be right. I am withholding my opinion, because I want to know yours.

Photo courtesy of Linda Sparkman

Animal, spirit, or winged beast?

​​Some people have speculated this may be the spirit of one of the Hatheway's horses, or other livestock that used to reside here.

​What do you think? Could it be the spirit of a long deceased animal? Could it be some kind of spirit?  Whatever it is, it's sure taking an interest in peeking through the windows of the Hatheway House. What or who is it looking for?

​Photo courtesty of Linda Sparkman

Do you see the ghostly image of a phantom wheelchair ?

It's common knowledge that James Hatheway spent the last years of his life in a wheelchair. It's also widely known that he died from a "accidental" fall from that wheelchair down the stairs of the Hatheway House.  Could the wheelchair in this picture be James Hatheway trying to deliver a message from the other side?

Photo courtesy of Linda Sparkman