Debi Chestnut

The Hatheway House

In Haunted Anchor Bay, I explore the many hauntings at the mansion, reveal Mabel's official cause of death, and delve into the local legend and folklore surrounding the Hatheway Family. 
​​The Hatheway family was once one of the most prominent families in New Baltimore.  Their legacy lives on even today-but not a way they could even anticipate.

​The Hatheway Mansion, before being torn down to make way for "progress", was considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the State of Michigan.  

​Having investigated the mansion for a period of 5 years, I can say with the utmost certainty that the Hatheway Mansion was indeed haunted - by more than one spirit.

​One of the most puzzling mysteries is how James Hatheway's daughter, Mabel, died after being married only 3 short months to Oren Dunham. Thanks to some clever detective work, Vince Nestico solved this mystery!  However, in true Hatheway fashion, the answer to one question only leads to many more questions that may never be answered. 

​Oakwood Cemetery

ISome people believe that Mabel's restless spirit roams the cemetery and other places that were familiar to her when she was alive.

​One thing is certain, whatever phantoms roam the cemetery, they are making themselves known in many ways.  Yet another reason the spirits of the dead are so endearing. 
Oakwood Cemetery is a pretty, serence place nestled in a residential neighboorhood just north of New Baltimore.

As a general rule,  cemeteries normally aren't haunted, However, Oakwood Cemetery is one of the exceptions to this rule. 

​From dark shadows peering at you from behind tombstones and trees, to footsteps of some unseen person following you through the fall leaves, or the winter snow, this place has it all.

​Many theories have been put forward as to how many restless spirits roam the cemetery, and why they haven't moved on.  Could it be that they are enjoying the afterlife, or that they miss interacting with the living? Anything is possible.

 However, as expected, the one grave that draws the most attention if Mabel Hatheway's.  It sits just inside the gates and is very unique in that it's shaped like a bed, or crib. 

​The Black Dog of Lake Erie

IIs there a ghost of a black dog that has, and still is appearing on ships before they run into trouble and/or sink?  Many people think so, and claim they have the data to prove it.

​In Haunted Anchor Bay, I explore the evidence and take a closer look at how the ghost of the Black Dog of Lake Erie came into being, and the ships the dog has been seen on.

​Many people believe that the ghost dog of Lake Erie has branched out, and could be responsible for foretelling disaster for ships on the other Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair.

​I'm curious as to what you think about the Black Dog of Lake Erie, so explore the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  Then drop me an email and let me know what you think.

​Haunted Objects

I​Haunted objects have been the subject of fascination  for many years, and across many cultures and religions.

​Many people associate haunted objects with creepy dolls, like the one in the picture, and other equally scary things.  But the truth is, any object can be haunted.

​Objects become haunted when a spirit energy, or some type of residual energy, attaches itself to a particular object. 

Personally, I own several haunted objects which include, cufflinks, a painting, and bricks from the Hatheway House.

​So where do haunted objects come from?  The truth is practically anywhere - a garage sale, thrift store, antique store, or it could even be something you inherit from one of your friends or relatives. 

​Have you ever held an object in your hand, or touched a piece of antique furniture or other item in a store and got a funny feeling about it?  If so, it's possible that object could have been haunted. 

​I'd love to hear your tales of haunted objects, so please fill out the contact form if you want to share your story with me.